We partnered with UNICEF + FACEBOOK to bring to life the story of Fabi Grossi. She is very much like any other twenty-one-year-old girl that, as many others, has been a recent victim of sexting.

Using our Talk To You tool, Caretas seeks to create consciousness among youth on potential consequences of inadequate sexting practices in order to increase risk awareness to foster positive deviations in their sexual experiences as they walk through adolescence.



With the growth of mobile technology, sexting has become a regular practice within social communication. Teenagers find in mobile phones a new channel to communicate and explore their sexual life. Nudity in the form of selfie pictures is becoming more common among the youth as part of sex initiation behaviors, with little consciousness of the risks involved.

(Fictional character, played by    Kathia Calil  ).

(Fictional character, played by Kathia Calil).

To evolve and engage adolescent in this issue we developed a new communication channel to understand adolescents and youth’s behavior and optimize opportunities of learning and creating solutions to overcome risks related to the use of internet, particularly the social media.

We designed the first fictional piece developed for a chat platform using BOT technology. It's the first bot designed for storytelling.

Video demonstration Bot, Unicef (2018)

How the bot works

Sherpas conceive Caretas as a theatrical play performing on Facebook Messenger App, reaching out to a targeted youth audience live with immediate access through a mobile phone.

This platform brings to reality the story of Fabi, twenty-one-year-old teenager who’s very just like any other girl her age. Fabi lives with her parents, enjoys spending time with friends and is very active on social media. She has recently broken up with her ex-boyfriend. Her whole world will come to ashes soon when she discovers that an intimate video exposing her having sex goes viral on the internet.

The technical conception is very similar to any other bot working on the platform. However, it pursues a whole different user experience. Behind our Caretas bot lies the voice of Fabi. As she finds out she will be socially exposed, she is looking for someone to talk to, someone who’s is willing to empathize to what she’s going through. 

Development and coding behind Caretas' ChatBot is powered by Chat Tonic, our partners in technology. Caretas users embody that someone who’s willing to listen to what she has to say, as an active audience and engage users that talk to the bot, and give them a unique “fictional” experience of what happened to Fabi.



The platform changes the standard user dynamic for ChatBots. It will work in the span of 2 days, and not operate as a virtual assistant, but as a virtual storyteller with the audience. The bot contacts the user throughout the day, without a previous user interaction, and even in the span of several days after the first interaction. We expect the user to engage to the bot throughout the days as the story unfolds, reacting to the bot messages and eventually leading to an understanding of what this fictional piece represents and the message it tries to convey


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