Photography provided by Jared Chambers

Talk to You® is about the conversation. Conceived as the first line of Chatbot technology designed for one on one conversations, it extends the regular capabilities for Chatbot user interaction and data analysis.

Stories for social change

Talk To You® changes the standard user dynamic for bots, engaging thousands of users with a story written in chat format. As the plot unfolds, users enter a conversation with the bot, reacting to the representation of this ‘fictional piece’ and receiving the main message the story tries to convey. Users interactions are stored and aggregated for attitudes and behavior analysis through survey data, platform indicators and sentiment analysis.



Talk to You® covers issues associated with human interaction, health, youth, cyber-security, financial access, education intending to build consciousness and a sense of empathy around a certain topic, creating a direct channel for behavioral change.


Messaging is one of the few things
people do more than social networking.
— Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder of Facebook

       Video demonstration, "Caretas project", Unicef (2018)

What does Talk To You want to achieve?

Address issues: Identify social and policy concerns that embody specific challenges.

Storytelling: “Our brains are wired to understand and retain stories”. We believe in stories as effective channels to change attitudes and behavior.

Engagement: We appeal to basic human drives to grip their attention, foster proximity and retain their curiosity and interes.

Empathy: Moving people from a place of ignorance to a status of understanding, placing yourself in the shoes of other.

Behaviour: Understanding human nature and existing biases can lead to design effective interventions through empathy for behavioral change.

Talk To You assembles 3 pillars

1. Edutainment

We believe in popular culture and life events to tell an engaging story.  We work at the intersection of fiction and entertainment for education and behavioral change purposes. We  use popular mass media forms to increase audience members’ knowledge about issues of interest to our partners, and to influence positive behavior and social change.

2. A New Approach to Research

Talk To You® enables technological capacity to generate and store large volumes of data. The application will: collect user experience and engagement data and implement sentiment analysis and survey research analysis to inform attitudes perception and behavioral change around social issues.

3. ChatBots

Talk To You® is the the first conversational ChatBot to use a fictional piece to engage with audiences. We raise the BOT standard to a more dynamic interaction through engaged conversation with users. Technology for the Talk To You ChatBot is powered by Chat Tonic.